02 November 2012

Huawei X6 Custom ROM AOKP-Milestone6-CM9-A99-2012-07-07

This is Huawei Ideos U9000 X6/CSL Mi410/Wellcom A99 Custom ROM
AOKP TWICS Milestone6 fusion ~ 20120707-AOKP-Milestone6 (New)
Launcher - ASOP ICS ~ 20120621-NIGHTLY-CM9-A99
Launcher - XPERIA S Home ~ 20120531-NIGHTLY-CM9-A99
Wallpaper - XPERIA Wallpaper - XPERIA.
LiveWallpaper - Cosmic Flow
Boot Animation - Ice Cold Sandwich
Wifi SOD - Add Advanded Wifi Lock
Wifi Hotsport - Add Wifi Tether
USB Tethering - Add Wired Tether
Fix Headset
Add - Headset Icon
Fix Softkey Vibrate
Root Access - Edit build.prop
New DeskClock with digital widget
Add - File Explorer
Add - Play Store
Music - Apollo from CM9
Video - works 720p with video player in play store
Camera - works
Camcorder - use Videocam illusion (640x480) in play store
Wifi - work fine
GPS - work fine
FM - Spirit FM Radio (work but various bugs)

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