26 February 2011

How to Integrate Windows 7 SP1 to DVD Installation ISO

Now that the Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 is available for download, you might want slipstream it into the Windows 7 installation DVD. The slipstreamed DVD comes in handy as you won’t need to install the Service Pack every time after Windows installation.
Slipstreaming SP1 into the installation DVD or ISO can be done with the help of Windows 7 installation configuring tools. In this guide, we are using RT Seven Lite tool to integrate SP1 into Windows 7 installation DVD.
By following this guide, you will be able to create bootable Windows 7 SP1 ISO file.
1. Download, install and run RT Seven Lite tool. We recommend using RT Seven Lite v2.0 and above only.
2. Under the Home tab, click Browse button to browse to the Windows 7 installation ISO file or setup folder. If you select the ISO option, you will also need to specify a location to extract the ISO file. In this guide, we have selected ISO file option.

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