21 December 2010

Terminal Server Enterprise - Elusiva

Terminal Server Enterprise allows centralized deployment and provisioning of seamlessly blended applications for an entire enterprise. Virtualizing business desktops with Terminal Server Enterprise provides organizations with secure, manageable, on-demand access to business applications from anywhere in the world.

Product Features

  • Application Publishing
  • Load balancing
  • Compatible with Windows® Remote Desktop Client
  • Carrier-grade encryption for communication security
  • Two-directional high-quality local audio
  • Virtual IPs for individual sessions
  • Single Sign-On
  • Session auditing and playback
  • Video acceleration
  • Local printers
  • Local drive mapping
  • Serial and parallel ports redirection
  • USB device redirection
  • Cut and paste via clipboard
  • Up to 24-bit color
  • Resumes disconnected sessions without data loss
  • Intuitive administration

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