19 June 2010

Beware of Pickpockets and Snatcher on The Train

Yes, we must guard against the thief in public transport like buses and trains. Because they, the thief, always lurking our inadvertence. For workers whose place of residence away from the office, often go in the morning and still falling asleep on public transport, this will keep the thief happy. So, the thief will pay attention to potential victims and the surrounding environment before taking action. When the thief had got his victim and the environment has also been supportive, such as public transportation is slow, then they will act. 

Examples of the case, It happened last year at the Jabodetabek Economy train (commuter train Jakarta-Bogor,Depok,Tangerang,Bekasi) which I ascended. Because it was Saturday, the passenger train is not crowded as usual. Especially when I was showing at 7:15 in the morning. When that train stops at stations in Kalibata, because I'll get off at Station Cawang I woke up from his seat and walked toward the door. Near the door there are already some people who will go down. Just as the train began running again, I and the people in front of my startled by a small shouts a woman. She cried but held up because maybe he was surprised, "pickpocket .... ehhh that snatcher snatcher my necklace ...", so to speak words of that woman. Before the incident, the people no one noticed or thought if a man who stood at the front was the thief. But it happened very fast indeed. When he's got the necklace, the thief jump onto the platform of the train which was heading. 

Tips for
trains passenger:  
  1. Avoid seating near the door  
  2. If the train window is open, avoid sitting in a chair that was in the side of the platform, because snatcher who stood on a platform can put your hand out the window
  3. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry or easily visible
  4. Try not to use the phone on the train

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