01 March 2009

Free 25 GB Online Storage

Do you want free file online storage?
If you want it, just register at http://www.live.com
Besides getting free SkyDrive free online storage for 25 GB, with Windows Live account, you will also get 5 GB of email storage, access to MSN Messenger, Office Live and others. In other words, Windows Live id could be used to access almost all Microsoft services.
In SkyDrive we can save an image file or documents with the maximum size limit per file is 50 MB.
To facilitate access to SkyDrive, we can use applications that can be downloaded at Gladinet http://www.gladinet.com/p/download.htm
With Gladinet we can map SkyDrive Online Storage to local drive, so will be easier to access the files that we store there.
To maximize access to Windows Live SkyDrive, you can use the IE browser. With IE, you can drag and drop and upload files more easily.

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88th said...

iya tapi link nya brubah2 sendiri.
nggak asik kalo pingin bikin webpage buat download/streaming sendiri.